Watch Flutters now!

Flutters 8-bit Visualizer

The sonic journey of Flutters on YouTube is enriched by an 8-bit style visualizer, created by the artist Vector A. More than just a visualizer: the visual suggestions of the video amplify the musical immersion with fascinating electronic suggestions. Watch now! 🚀

Dystopian Synthesis AI Music Video


Artificial intelligence is poised to play a significant role in the world of music as an essential resource for independent artists. Embracing the true essence of being independent, artists choose to oversee all aspects of self-production. Keep reading! 🤖

Music For Video Games


Video game developing and soundtrack composing 🎮 . Get ready!

Retrograde Video


Retrograde Video. VHS Tape Overlay. Video Game Music. Influenced by the sound of 80’s games. - Based on video game flight virtual reality with vhs tape overlay effect to obtain a retrograde video inspired by arcade games. The vhs tape overlay effect are in perfect sync with the synth bass to obtain an awesome over effect on this video game style music. Enjoy it!

Anymore Video


Federica Sabatini is the leading actress in the video of Anymore, the first single from the Arcade EP. The world has just collapsed on her and the emotions are hard to control. Anymore is not only the opening track but also the most radio friendly song, the initial bass line is hypnotic, the melodic lines and the interweaving between them create something magical. Ready!

Retrowave Italia


Retrowave Italia. Influenced by the sound of 80’s movies and games, italian indie retro synth wave artists +EXTRA. Available on Spotify a playlist of tracks by independent, underground Italian artists. An accurate selection enriched by precious gems of the international scene. Are you an Italian artist? Are you addicted to the 80s, to video games and electronic music? Do not hesitate to contact me, it will be a pleasure to add your songs to the playlist. Check it out!