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Alexjem Project & The Jinxed Bard - Dystopian Synthesis out now! 🚀


Video: Runway Gen-2 AI System • Music by: Alessandro Lamoratta & Gabriel Dello Iacovo • Drums: Annalia Duranti • Bass: Christian Baroncini • Orchestra: Gabriel Dello Iacovo • Synth: Alessandro Lamoratta • Mixing: Alessandro Lamoratta & Gabriel Dello Iacovo • Mastering: Waves AI Mastering Engine


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"Dystopian Synthesis": AI in the Service of Music and Creativity

"Artificial intelligence is poised to play a significant role in the world of music as an essential resource for independent artists. Embracing the true essence of being independent, artists choose to oversee all aspects of self-production."

"Thus, from the fusion of human creativity and AI, through the talent and musical sensitivity of the authors and intense teamwork with their collaborators, "Dystopian Synthesis" was born, the latest single by Alessandro Lamoratta (Alexjem Project) and Gabriel Dello Iacovo (The Jinxed Bard)."

"The two artists decided to harness the capabilities of AI to create an entirely "in the box" quality product. This term refers to music produced without a traditional recording studio, mixing, and mastering—solely through specific software and plug-ins. The artists do not step out of the "box" (the musician's computer) until the final product is ready for release. In this way, emerging artists embrace innovation to shape every aspect of their work, with AI serving as a powerful ally throughout the creative process."

"In "Dystopian Synthesis," Lamoratta and Dello Iacovo are joined on drums by the performer and YouTuber Annalia Duranti and on bass by Christian Baroncini (Choris of Gorilla Pulp). An instrumental piece that embraces innovation, advanced AI usage influenced various phases of music and graphic production. From the single cover to audio mastering, AI played a pivotal role in defining the aesthetic and quality of the track."

"The Genesis of "Dystopian Synthesis" - "When we talk about artificial intelligence, there is always a bit of skepticism," says Lamoratta. "I believe, instead, that its use is now indispensable in all fields. We must accept it, study it well, not be afraid that it may take jobs away from professionals because, in reality, it is an aid to graphic designers, headline writers, and reviewers. In short, it can be a decisive resource. It is, therefore, necessary to master it to make it a tool for one's advantage."

"Specifically, the graphics were generated with Midjourney prompts, while video animations (Spotify Canvas, YouTube videos, animated Instagram content for the Pre-Save campaign) came to life through Runway Gen-2. ChatGPT assisted the authors in choosing the title of the song and captions for social media. Finally, for the crucial mixing and final mastering stages, the authors utilized plugins enhanced with AI and the Waves AI Mastering Engine software. All tools cater to the true indie musician looking to self-produce from home."

"Dystopian Synthesis draws inspiration from a dystopian aesthetic where humanity and artificial intelligence coexist," explains Dello Iacovo about the genesis and content of the song. "It aims to represent a pioneering exploration of its collaborative potential, immersing itself in a new era of limitless creativity."

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Alexjem Project & The Jinxed Bard - Dystopian Synthesis out now! Listen to it! 🚀