Flutters 8-bit Visualizer

Alexjem Project - Flutters out now! 🚀


Visualizer Artwork: Vector A • Music by: Alessandro Lamoratta • Drums: Annalia Duranti • Bass: Christian Baroncini • Guitars, Synth & Chiptune: Alessandro Lamoratta • Mixing & Mastering: Francesco Di Marco


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"Flutters": a sonic journey that blends past and future.

"Get ready to be transported to a parallel universe with Flutters, the new single by the talented Alessandro Lamoratta, taken from the album Retroverse Odyssey. Flutters is a surprising track that fuses the best of rock, '80s synthwave, and chiptune sounds sampled directly from a Nintendo Gameboy: the nostalgia of bygone days and the thrilling excitement of the future coexist in a fresh and innovative song."

"The sonic journey of Flutters on YouTube is enriched by an 8-bit style visualizer, created by the artist Vector A. More than just a visualizer: the visual suggestions of the video amplify the musical immersion with fascinating electronic suggestions."

"The magic of Flutters could not exist without the collaboration between extraordinary musicians: Annalia Duranti on drums, Christian Baroncini on bass, and Alessandro Lamoratta dominating guitar, synths, and chiptunes. Everything was expertly mixed and mastered by Francesco Di Marco at 8 Hertz Audio."

"The single’s cover, designed by Filippo Salfa of Visioni Creative, perfectly captures the spirit of the track: an astronaut floating through the aeons of time and space, surrounded by an intergalactic war unfolding across multiple colliding universes."

"Flutters is not just a song, it’s a one-way musical journey to explore incredible new sonic horizons."

[ from diffusionimusicali.org ]

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Flutters Cover


[ Artwork Visioni Creative ]

Alexjem Project - Flutters out now! 🚀